Work in Progress: The Black Rhinos – Genesis and Excerpt

Originally posted on Mark Bousquet:

Black Rhinos Cover 1

Welcome to the first of what should be a semi-regular feature, an update on a Work in Progress. To kick things off, here’s a first look at THE BLACK RHINOS, my World War II novel-in-progress.

The idea for the BLACK RHINOS can be traced to a specific point in time. Last March, I was a guest on Van Allen Plexico’s White Rocket Podcast to talk about a handful of movies based on Alistair MacLean novels: Ice Station Zebra, The Guns of Navarone, Force 10 from Navarone, and Where Eagles Dare. During the podcast, I decided I wanted to write my own Alistair MacLean movie, and I wanted to write it for 1960s Jim Brown, who hadn’t been fully utilized in Ice Station Zebra.

I knew instantly what I wanted out of my MacLean tribute: an all-star cast of soldiers sent on a suicide mission. There…

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